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It is important to hire a reliable and professional web design service. Make sure you ask these 7 questions during the hiring process.

It takes about 50 milliseconds for someone to form an impression of your company.

This means your website needs to have an eye-catching design. Hiring the best professional is essential, or it could end up negatively impacting your business.

That means you need to ask a lot of questions of the web design service you’re considering to ensure they’re experienced and reliable. Here’s what you should ask them to ensure you’re hiring the best service for you.

1. Do You Have Experience in Our Industry?

While you should make sure that the web design company has years of experience behind them, you should also make sure they have examples of websites in your industry. 

This will show that they understand what your audience is and will know how to design the website to attract the right audience. They may have made beautiful websites before but if they have no idea what your industry is about or who you’re targeting, they may severely miss the mark and it could cost you in the long run.

They should also be able to do a market analysis of the industry in its current state. This will help them know exactly what needs to go into the site.

2. Can I See Examples of Websites You’ve Built?

The best web design service will have a portfolio of sites they’ve built so you can look through them. You’ll then have a better idea if their work is for you and if you want to proceed with having them design your website.

You can also use these examples to point out what things you like about their work and what you don’t, or what may not be relevant. Looking at examples not only gives you a better picture of the company but helps aid communication about what you want.

3. Do You Have References or Reviews?

Something else that will give you a great picture of a company is what their past clients think of them. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as advice from a loved one because they’re left by neutral third-party sources.

The company should have a good overall rating and you can also dive into the five-star and one-star reviews to see what they did well and what they didn’t.

If the company is reluctant to provide contacts for references, it may be another red flag, as they should be happy to let you inquire into their past work.

4. How Do I Contact You During the Project?

If you have questions at any point during the project, you should ensure you know who to contact and how to contact them. The last thing you want is to be running around in circles as you try to get answers about something.

Knowing whether someone prefers to be contacted by email or phone will also help you get the fastest reply rather than waiting around.

If the name of the person to contact changes, you should be updated immediately. Ensure the company’s aware of this and there’s always an open line of communication. They should also be able to contact you with questions.

5. How Involved Will I Be in the Design Process?

The answer to this will vary from company to company, but you should make sure it’s the right answer for you. For example, will the company contact you at every stage of the process for approval on your business website? Or will they mostly do it on their own and get your approval at the end?

Make sure you’re aware of this and happy with the way they work.

6. How Long Will the Process Take?

You should also ensure you know how long the process will take. Building a great business website can take time but once you’ve laid out the foundations of what you want to achieve together, they should be able to give you a rough timeline on when you can expect the finished product — or at least each stage of it. 

If they can’t give you a deadline or it seems too far away, it’s okay to walk away and find another website design company. Fortunately, there are a lot out there.

However, be realistic in your expectations. If you’re not sure why the deadline is so far away, then ask them about it. They can break things down into stages for you.

7. How Much Will This Cost?

The dreaded quote is another thing you need to consider. How much is this website going to cost and is it within your budget?

Don’t forget to consider the cost along with everything else though. The quote shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all. Whether it’s important to ensure it’s within your budget, the cheapest quote you get might be that way for a reason.

Maybe the company doesn’t have much experience or the website won’t have as many features.

Don’t overspend, but don’t undersell your website either. Having a good website will pay for itself in terms of bringing in business.

Hire the Best Web Design Service by Asking These Questions

If you ask these questions, you’ll be able to hire the best web design service. Your company website is vital for your business, so you shouldn’t hold back on any inquiries you have. Any good web design service will understand that you want to make sure you’re going to end the process with the best product possible.

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