Are you struggling with low digital sales even when you have decent traffic? Chances are that your user interface doesn’t compel customers into buying your products. It’s also likely that most of your site’s visitors aren’t interested in the products.

Global online sales are expected to rise to $4.921 trillion in 2021 from $4.213 trillion in 2020. It’s thus evident that selling online helps improve your reach and profitability. Your store can sell across borders and cater to consumers who shop when physical stores are closed.

There’s a way to grow your company’s digital sales. Here are seven techniques you should include in your online marketing strategy for business growth.

1. Create Urgency in Your Sales Cycle

Incentives such as limited-edition products and time-sensitive offers can create urgency. Most consumers respond well to these incentives when executed properly.

You may offer a discount or free shipping to customers who buy your product at a given time. Offer an end date for your product launches or promotions to create a sense of urgency. Your sales message should also provide a compelling reason for buyers to get the product.

Adding gifts on orders with a limited timeframe may work as an incentive. Give your buyers a reason to save extra cash when they are shopping in your store. You can also send email newsletters that remind your subscribers about the sale periods.

2. Optimize Content for the Right Audience

Create content that maximizes customers’ experiences across different devices. You should also target your audience with content that will be valuable to them. For instance, you may add hashtags on your social media posts to target a younger audience.

Be honest in sales messages posted across your blog and social media pages. Honesty encourages trust in your company and improves your brand’s reputation. Since consumers are more sensitive to sales messages, avoid making claims you can’t substantiate.

Add high-quality images showing your products’ main features for credibility. A photographer may help give the photos a professional touch if you can’t take them by yourself. You should also post three to four pictures of a single product to improve its visibility.

3. Give Social Proof

Use testimonials from your satisfied customers as social proof to drive your digital sales. Include these gushing reviews on your homepages and digital marketing campaign. You may also post them on your pricing page, landing pages, and product pages to sound credible.

Add trust signals on your websites/blogs to assure your customers of quality products or services. Trust signals may feature logos that indicate your affiliation with professional associations. For instance, you may add a BBB (Better Business Bureau) membership or certification logo to your site as a trust signal.

You may use screenshots of customer reviews from sites such as Yelp as social proof trust signals. Adding logos of well-established brands on your site may also improve your trustworthiness. Either way, these signals offer familiarity and comfort that can compel consumers to buy your products/services.

4. Include Detailed Contact Information

Your potential customers may fail to buy a product/service on your site if your contact information is missing. Add your email address, complete mailing address, and phone number as part of your call to action on every webpage.

Make inquiry and contact forms on your site easily accessible to address any concerns or queries. The site should allow visitors to find valuable answers that may convince them to shop with you.

Include a clear “Contact-Us” page in your site’s navigation options to gather feedback. You may also add forms that visitors can use to request quotes on your service/product pages.

5. Optimize the Checkout Process

Consumers expect a swift checkout process when buying a product or service online. Confirm whether your checkout pages make it easier for customers to complete a purchase.

Remove any unnecessary requirements or steps in the checkout process to improve the buyer’s experience. For instance, your checkout pages may require new users to create an account before buying anything.

Put all checkout forms on a single page to keep your customers’ orders visible. Your site should also save their information to simplify the checkout process when they’re shopping again.

Add several modes of payment on your checkout pages for convenience. Your company may accept credit cards, debit cards, and other online payment services.

6. Give a Money-Back Guarantee

Remove potential financial risks in the purchasing processes to attract more purchases. With a money-back guarantee, you’ll assure your customers of a refund if they are dissatisfied with a product. However, the purchase must meet certain conditions for you to make the refund.

Only give money-back guarantees that you can deliver to avoid losing trust. This type of assurance can help buyers overcome risks that come with online purchases. Once fear is out of the equation, consumers are likely to transact with your company.

7. Leverage on Analytical Data

Use analytical tools to find out the amount of traffic your campaigns bring to your site. Rely on them for insights on your average returns on paid advertising. With this data, you’ll have insights into areas you need to improve to drive digital sales.

Analytical data can help you learn how potential customers locate your online store. Use this data to target the right audience with different types of content. Create more content on topics that seem to drive more traffic to your product pages.

Analytical tools such as Google Analytics can help you identify unique features of a product that you should market the most. You can include this information in your email newsletters, social media ads, homepage, and tagline for a sales increase.

Grow Your Company’s Digital Sales Today

Always create value for your customers to keep them coming back and grow your digital sales. Cater to their unique needs adequately to reduce the likelihood of your digital marketing efforts going to waste. Your company’s future profitability and growth depend on these simple steps.

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