benefits of seo

Did you know that 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search? 

One of the benefits of SEO is its power to influence organic search results (in a way that’s more cost-effective than the average PPC). Plus, it can boost your business revenue!

If you’re asking ”What is SEO?” and ”Why should I invest in it?”, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find the key benefits of using this strategy. 

1. Brings in More Customers

Many marketers claim that their top-notch leads come from SEO-engaged consumers. It makes sense: when a customer searches for a solution and finds an answer in one of the top results, their need is fulfilled. 

Ranking on Google’s first page is a must to be seen by consumers. Climbing to the top position may be difficult, but it’s rewarding, as it can nearly double your CTR over the number two spot. 

Plus, if your page ends up as a ”Featured Snippet” you’ll have more chances to reach the number one spot while potentially seeing more customers checking your website.  

Overall, by ranking for certain search terms, you’ll attract your ideal audience. Also, by getting your website on Google’s front page, your brand will become highly visible, and perhaps, appear more trustworthy to customers.  

2. More Trustworthy Web Experience for Consumers

Getting to the front page and occupying the number one spot in Google’s search results fully relies on the authority you build. Perhaps you have the best resource available or the best answer, but that’s not enough. You need to provide users with a quality experience on your website. Otherwise, they’ll quickly leave. 

Hence why the technical aspects of SEO (e.g., backlinks, page speed, mobile-friendliness) are so crucial for the successful performance of your company online. 

Abiding by search engine’ rules will help you keep your website in a top-notch shape. Ultimately, it’s more than just allowing you to rank better (and therefore gaining more exposure); it’s about making it easier for consumers to trust you. That’s the power of a functional website. 

Therefore, ensure you have an automated customer service portal, security measures, and fast pages. 

3. Improves Brand Awareness

Improving your rankings will not only allow you to convert users into consumers. It will help your overall brand awareness too. 

Reaching the front page and being closer to the top spot is already helpful to your business. Think about it: even if a potential customer doesn’t click into your webpage, they will still see your brand name and begin to link it with the solutions they’re looking for. 

This is crucial when competing with other businesses for certain search terms. You want to be in customers’ minds when they search for the service or product you offer. Ultimately, the company that owns those searches will be the one benefiting from those organic sales. 

Here’s a tip: If you’re an SEO newbie, try using longer variations of a search term. You can even add local SEO in the process! For instance, rather than trying ”real estate services”, you’d go after terms like ”real estate services in Los Angeles” (but with the name of the city your business is located).

4. You Can Do It on a Budget

SEO can be an affordable marketing strategy to implement. If you want to save your time and reach your goals quicker, it’s best to hire a specialist to implement the latest SEO trends. They have professional experience, and they’ll know what works best for your brand. 

Plus, SEO will benefit your business in the long term. Sure, there are new trends all the time, but the main strategies and processes linked to SEO are likely to continue to be the same for years to come and likely, only require a few tweaks.  

Overall, search engine optimization is one of the best long-term marketing investments you can make for your business. Why? Because it provides a constant ROI. 

5. Easily Trackable

Unlike traditional marketing, SEO is totally quantifiable. With Google Analytics, you can set up trackable conversions. It can be based on click-to-call, on-site ad clicks, order completions, page views, and so on. 

If you’re looking to optimize your SEO efforts, tools like Google Search Console can help you understand how people find your brand, what your business is ranking for, and what can be improved. 

6. SEO Helps PR

When SEO and PR are used together, you can see maximized results from each. Think of link building!

Earning links from trustworthy websites is a key factor of any SEO strategy. Since a PR strategy is about getting influencers and relevant publications to mention your business, this presents a massive opportunity. 

Ultimately, link building can help your brand be exposed to more people and provide better content distribution to potential clients and customers. 

7. SEO Keeps You Informed

You must stay informed about changes, solutions, and best practices for successful SEO. While it’s time-consuming, it helps keep you informed. 

SEO is linked to digital tech, so it can help you keep track of online trends and address any changes that may come up. Also, during site updates and the research process, you’ll learn more about your competitors, your consumers, and the digital experience you provide.  

Benefits of SEO: Worth Investing?

There are several benefits of SEO, but here’s one to keep in mind: after hiring a digital marketing agency to create high-quality content for you, there’s no ongoing cost to keep attracting traffic to your website or content.

Sure, some updates every few months can be beneficial, but that’s it. You won’t have to pay for showing up on a great spot in search results.

Overall, if you want a marketing strategy that will bring long-term benefits while only requiring a short-term investment, you can’t go wrong with investing in SEO. 

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